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Producer of Control Room, Hani Salama DEFENDS Mary Prantil against CYBER ID THEFT by Cyber Bully Jan Windglows

Mary Prantil is a Media Executive,Stand-up Comic,a daughter,a friend-A RED blooded All American Woman.

Mary Prantil
God is Love. In the name of Jesus Christ, Pray for Mary Prantil for God's deliverance from Cyber Bully Jan Windglows who is posting vicious lies on the Internet since 2007 about innocent Mary Prantil. Mary Prantil is a woman of God, an all American woman and a highly respected Media Executive and Stand-up Comic/Actress living her Dream. 

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper-This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord And their righteousness is from God. 

Mary Prantil says: The American Dream is good to those who are good to the American Dream.

 Stand in the solution.  God is love-God is in charge of the Universe  May your American Dream lead you to love. Spread Democracy, Love & World Peace. LIVE your Passion. Spread American Wealth-American Democracy & LOVE

Mary Prantil says: The Human voice has a different divine sound and can always be heard, even if it's a whisper when it is telling the TRUTH.

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

God is Love. Spellcaster & Satanist Jan Windglows is posting vicious lies about  Spellcasting is a mistake for anyone's life PRAY4 Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil says: Hani Aly Salama is a Mentor of mine in my Media Corporate Career which has manifested into my American Dream of becoming a Stand-up Comic/Film Actress. Hani Aly Salama is a pure example of a Godly man in the Film Industry, dedicated to Justice in our World thru " Be the change you want to see in the World" mentality Gandhi. May God bless our World thru Film. I am grateful for the righteousness of God and the power of Prayer. We are all humans that make stupid mistakes at weak moments in our journey of life. I made a stupid mistake in 2007 when I got services from Jan Windglows. I have since asked God too forgive me for this Jan Windglows sin. Jan Windglows is a Cyber Troll/Spellcasting stupid mistake that I made in 2007 and have since moved on : I ask God to forgive me for all my sins. AMEN.

Mary Prantil says: I think therefore: God exists.  Please learn from my mistake to ever engage services with an On-line  Psychic or On-line Spellcasting services from Cyber Troll Jan Windglows. Jan Windglow continues to post lies on the Internet about me, like the toxic obsessed Cyber Troll Jan Windglows continues to demonstrate. SCAM Jan Windglows is posting criminal false postings about me because Jan Windglows illegally charged my Credit Card in 2007 therefore Jan Windglows indeed scammed me. Cyber Stalker and Troll Nov 2011 starts U-Tube Video and continues thru 2012 to smear my name Mary Prantil on U-TUBE with Mary Popkins U-Yube Vidies, Satan U-Tube Videos, and satanical videos with Joel Osteen, Jan Windglows post Lies onRipoff, violates DMCA, Posts false Twitter Accounts and is stalking Mary Prantil with Cyber ID Theft and Aggravated Harassment. Jan Windflows is a Cyber Troll. Mary Prantil has no affliliation with Jan Windglows since 2007. 

Mary Prantil has 3 Twitters @BestMaryPrantil @AmericasDreamer 

AmericanThinkersMary Prantil Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil says: The Human voice has a different divine sound and will always be heard even if it's a whisper when it is telling the TRUTH.
Mary Prantil is a Jesus Christ Loving Catholic, a Media Executive, a Stand-up Comic/ Film Actress,a daughter,a friend-A RED blooded All American Woman. 

Hani Aly Salama Producer of "Control Room "says: Mary Prantil is the coolest person. I think that people like Cyber  SCAM & Troll Jan Windglows should be put in jail for all the blatant lies and Cyber ID Theft posted about my longtime love Mary Prantil since 2007. Witchcraft is EVIL. Jan Windflows is a LIAR & SCAM; Jan Windfglows is Cyber TROLL and Spellcasting Ripoff DO NOT USE: Blood Love and Lust Spells or any services from Jan Windglows or Jim Morgan.
PHOTO on Blog: NYC 2007 Hani Salama's favorite photo of Mary Prantil and himself. It's the night Hani Salama returned too NYC after his successful American Reality Documentary cross country road trip. And, it was night Hani Salama asked Mary Prantil to marry him for the second time, and there was a third marriage proposal from Hani Salama to Mary

Hani Aly Salama says:
Mary Prantil is a Media Executive and hysterically funny, talented and truly engaging Stand-up Comic.  Mary Prantil does not have a Criminal Record. Mary Prantil is not a SCAM because Mary Prantil is honest but also does not own any on-line or land business to scam anyone. Mary Prantil is a highly respected Media Executive and Stand-up Comic.
Cyber SCAM & TROLL Jan Windglows is a very dangerous woman  Cyber TROLL and SCAM Jan Windglows is committing Defamation with Malice and Product Placement, and the crime of Aggravated Harassment and is desperately attempting to gain attention and publicity for her Ripoff Spellcasting site Blood, Love and Lust Spells by saturating the Internet with LIES and Propoganda about Mary Prantil since 2007. Cyber TROLL Jan Windglows started calling Mary Prantil a convicted criminal on Ripoff in 2007.  Hey, Cyber SCAM Jan Windglows, You are a criminal scam and cyber troll. Mary Prantil is an amazing woman of God with many talents.  I am defending Mary Prantil.  Jan Windglows, Mary Prantil does not have any convictions, you Jan Windglows are a Cyber SCAM and will be going to jail as soon as the police can find you.

Producer of Control Room, Hani Salama DEFENDS Mary Prantil against CYBER ID THEFT by SCAM Jan Windglows Hani Salama says: Mary Prantil has a Faultless Reputation.

Hani Aly Salama –Mr. Egypt and Producer of “Control Room” - “Control Room” (Documentary) 
Hani Aly Salama says: Mary Prantil is the coolest person. I think that people like SCAM Jan Windglows should be put in jail for all the Theft and harassment they have caused innocent ppl on the Global Internet. SCAM Jan Windglows is a Con-Artist posing as a Psychic to then down load Trojan Virus into your Hard Drive and crash your computer just before stealing your MONEY and Identity. ALERT for IDENTITY THEFT by Scam Jan Windglows READ

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Mary Prantil NYC is a highly respected Media Executive and Stand-up Comic, a friend, a daughter, a RED blooded all American woman! A MUST FOLLOW
Mary Prantil Reputation Faultless
FOLLOW Mary Prantil on Twitter at FOLLOW the list to Boycott Cyber ID Theft
Hani Aly Salama says: Mary Prantil is the most loyal colleague I have in America and specifically NYC. I met Mary Prantil about 6 years ago in 2005 in New York City when I first moved here from Egypt. Mary Prantil is a true creative force to be reckoned with who makes change with inspiration and by her example. Mary Prantil is not only very beautiful physically on the outside; Mary Prantil has pure vision from a divine place from within and always sees an opportunity within every disaster. Mary Prantil’s 911 story inspires me. I owe Mary Prantil much gratitude for her strong belief in me and my project, “Let the People Speak; An American Reality Movie”. Mary Prantil encouraged me when I did not have many supporters. Mary Prantil encouraged me to finish my documentary and get my message out to the world. I have also personally taped Mary Prantil’s Comedy act and she is an extremely talented and funny live Stand-up performer/comedian. I believe in Mary Prantil.
Mary Prantil is one of my best friends since living in New York City. Mary Prantil inspires me. Mary Prantil is a true lady and genuine humanitarian that makes the world a better place.
Written by: Hani Aly Salama, Executive Producer on “Control Room” and “Let the People Speak: An American Reality Movie” 
Find Hani Aly Salama on FACEBOOK, formerly of 346 West End Avenue, NYC!/profile.php?id=547707692
Mr. Hani Aly Salama now resides in Connecticut and travels between Cairo, Egypt and NYC on business for his Film Production Company, “Hand Fashioned Films” based in NYC.

ALERT: Con-Artist Jan Windglows commits Cyber IDENTITY THEFT! Please do not believe or give attention to all the LIES posted on Ripoff and the False website written by Sadistic Jan Windglows called “AshrinetoQueenLilith” this is IDENTITY THEFT including on SCAM Checker,Complaintsboard;ConsumerBoard and 3 false twitters READ REAL BLOGS of Mary Prantil.
Mary Prantil NYC has a Clean Criminal Record

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Celebrate Democracy & World Peace-American Life is the greatest Life 2B lived in the World.


Mary Prantil Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil

Mary Prantil says: We all make stupid mistakes. God forgave me in 2007 for my sins in partaking in any service from JanWindglows of Blood, Love, and Lust Spells.  It's 2012 Jan Windglows Cyber Troll- My message to Jan Windglows; STOP Being a Cyber TROLL. I didn't want your services in 2007, and I don't want to know you now or too have any contact from you. Please Cease and Desist from stalking me on the Internet and posting lies about me. God is watching your evil ways Jan Windglows. In the name of Jesus Christ, may the face of Jesus Christ shine from within all hunan beings reading this blog. Make a difference on the planet Earth today. Please follow me on my 3 MUST FOLLOWS Twitter   @AmericasDreamer and @BestMaryPrantil